Rocky Tops Custom Countertops in Nashville

Project Profile: Steel Grey Granite Kitchen Countertops in Apison, TN

Type of Job : Kitchen Countertops

Material : Granite

Color : Steel Grey

Backsplash : 4 inch

Edge : ¼ Roundover

Sink : Drop-in sink

Designer : Tamara Moore In this kitchen improvement project, we customized leathered Steel Grey granite slabs.  The specifications included a four inch backsplash, ¼ roundover edge and a drop-in sink in one of the counters. All the surfaces were sealed with DRY TREAT, securing fifteen years of guaranteed strong protection from scratches, stains and color fading. Steel Grey is a durable black granite stone that is quarried in India. It has a black undertone with patches of dark and light grey minerals scattered throughout its surface.  Steel Grey granite’s color does not vary much under different lighting.  However, with natural light, the silver minerals that are scattered throughout the stone will seem to glitter and shine.  The black landscape of this granite is stunning and definitely an eye-catcher and will make any color that is introduced, whether in a cabinet or in decor, standout. It is also a good choice when paired with stainless steel appliances and hardware because of the silver minerals throughout granite.  If you want to try something new for your kitchen or bathroom, then this color is the perfect choice for you! Here are some images of the Steel Grey granite kitchen countertops that we installed for a customer in Apison, TN.






Did you like this granite color? We can install it in your kitchen too! For more information, visit our showroom at 3000 S. Broad Street, Suite 2, Brentwood, TN 37408 or call us at (615) 486-2533 to speak with one of our talented designers today.