Rocky Tops Custom Countertops in Nashville


Bella White is a granite color with a light gray undertone with white, light and dark gray, and black mineral deposits throughout the slab.  It also features natural color variations that make each slab unique. In darker rooms, the gray minerals in this granite blend a bit more, giving the stone a more uniform look.   In rooms with lots of natural light, the various mineral colors in Bella White granite will be more visible.

Bella White granite is very versatile, and pairs beautifully with both light and dark cabinetry colors.  The neutral colors of this granite color also make it an ideal color choice for most design styles, from traditional to contemporary, or modern.

Come see this beautiful granite color in person at Rocky Tops Custom Countertops in Nashville. We provide high-quality and luxurious natural and engineered stone countertops, at discount prices. Our dedicated and talented team has years of experience, and is ready to help with any residential or commercial projects.

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