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Elegant Winter Quartz Countertop

Elegant Winter quartz countertops are engineered to perfection!  This versatile quartz color allows you to embrace your design imagination for any home, kitchen, and bathroom project. Elegant Winter has a white landscape with random, various sizes of gray veining throughout the quartz.  Whether you want to go for a classic look, something more contemporary, or …

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Tempest Crystal Quartzite

When most people think of a natural stone countertop, they typically think of granite. But there are many other types of natural stone available, including quartzite. Tempest Crystal is a beautiful quartzite from Brazil that features dramatic waves of gray, blue, and green minerals, interspersed with creamy white. This natural stone is available in polished, …

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Tiffany Crystal Quartzite

Tiffany Crystal Quartzite

Tiffany Crystal Quartzite is a beautiful and rare Brazilian stone that makes for a luxurious statement piece in any application. This stone is composed of very pure quartz and has a calm and soothing appearance. Tiffany Crystal Quartzite is perfect for countertops, flooring, walls, or any other surface that you want to add a touch …

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Fusion Bordeaux Quartzite

Fusion Bordeaux quartzite is a quartzite color that is quarried in Brazil, and is often called Blue Fire. It is named for the many colors that appear to blend together within the stone-  a fusion of blues, whites, grays, and browns. Fusion Bordeaux quartzite is a beautiful, colorful and unique natural stone. It can be …

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Bella White is a granite color with a light gray undertone with white, light and dark gray, and black mineral deposits throughout the slab.  It also features natural color variations that make each slab unique. In darker rooms, the gray minerals in this granite blend a bit more, giving the stone a more uniform look. …



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